Green Light Man

  • America has over 200 million wasteful and inefficient fluorescent ceiling light fixtures.
  • The US Department of Energy mandated higher ballast efficiency standards and the banning of most T12 fluorescent bulbs.
  • T12 bulbs can no longer be made domestically or imported, and consequently will become increasingly more difficult and expensive to procure.
  • The 70-year old technology of T12 bulbs, and inefficient ballasts, have required expensive “on-demand” maintenance
  • Green Light Kits provide simple and cost effective solutions with the following benefits:
  • Energy saving of 25% or more per fixture and maintenance cost savings of 75%+.
  • Savings provides a very rapid payback on investment.
  • New ballasts are contained in the CFL bulb itself, making maintenance EFFORTLESS.
  • Kits utilize 75% of the existing lighting infrastructure; therefore requiring no remodeling to existing ceiling/building. This saves landfill waste fees.
  • Kits can be installed by dealer or by your maintenance staff. In addition, retrofits can be accomplished according to your budget and time schedule, on a phased roll-out basis or one room area at a time.
  • Light output is increased or maintained at the same time the energy required is dramatically decreased. Your dealer will also calculate the optimum light output for your work areas- reducing waste and eyestrain.
  • New CFL lamps greatly out perform existing tube lighting, cost as little as $2 each, and are available everywhere.
  • New CFL lamps have lower operating temperatures, which decreases HVAC cooling requirements.