Green Light Kits offer Earth Friendly Savings in Energy, Savings in Maintenance and Real Sustainability

Earth Friendly CFL Retrofit Kits Also Save You Money

Our Earth friendly retrofit light fixture kits were designed to not only save money on your energy and maintenance bills, they are designed to benefit the planet as well:

  • Our system reuses the entire light fixture body and lens, which reduced waste that will be landfilled.
  • Our systems do not require the manufacturing of new steel bodies, or hinged covers, which save energy, as steel reclamation uses thousands of BTU’s of energy for melting and reforming metal fixture housings.
  • We offer recycling services to every client to properly dispose of the fluorescent lamps, terminals and ballasts that are harvested out of the fixture body. Throwing fluorescent lamps into a dumpster is both illegal and harmful to the environment.
  • By reducing the kilowatt hours used in the light , we help reduce the Electric Grid Base Load Factor. The base load factor is the amount of electricity that must be available throughout the grid for use at any one time. Lighting in commercial and industrial usage adds heavily to this requirement. Our system helps reduce demand on base load, a very environmentally friendly concept.
  • Retrofitting original fixtures with high efficiency light sources helps lead the responsible building operators and environmentalists as well: REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. Our lighting systems do all three.
  • You deserve to save money on energy and maintenance, but you can also feel great that you have met the responsibility your facility has to the planet.

Green light Kits LLC. understands that saving energy is our future. In the approximately 100 years since the dawn of The Industrial Revolution, The Western World has looked to productivity as their guideline…and of course productivity is still very important to our economic survival,…. but now there is more.


Today, energy management is another economic driver. The cost of electricity has gone steadily up, while the availability of clean power has gone steadily down. Once inexpensive and abundant resources, have become both dear, and depleting.

We are at the crossroads. For the first time in memory both the government and the utility providers are asking every business to consume less energy, through special programs, and educational releases. This is both significant, and timely.

COST is the big factor, as every accountant will tell you. There are many ways to reduce energy usage, but the most compelling reason is the cost. This cost is measured in two ways. The first is cost of energy consumption and lighting maintenance, and it is very persuasive. The second is the cost of the byproducts of energy use, and their effect on the planet and people. These costs are large and growing .

It is most desirable to reduce both of these costs at once, the economic and the environmental, but that sounds expensive. The best objective would be to find a way to reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

Is this even possible?
The answer, surprisingly, is yes it can be done.

But how?
The creation of a customized energy solution, tailored exclusively to the building you have, and to the electrical supplies and requirements that your facility already uses, is the answer.

Sustainability Study Highlights:
Date May 28 2012
Performed by Sue Bruning
Sustainability Consultant

Glossary Of Electrical Terms