FAQs About CFL Retrofit Kits

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Choose GreenLightKits Retrofit Kits for Convenience, Flexiblility, and Savings of Time and Money


Are your Green Light Retrofit Kits safe to use?

Our retrofit kits are made of high quality components only, and conform to the restrictions found in National Electrical Code Sections. We use only commercial grade ceramic sockets, connectors, and wire leads. Our retrofit kits are built to last as long as the fixture itself. 

What do the retrofit kits cost?

Many of our retrofit kits  have an MSRP of just $59. Installation is also very affordable. A qualified maintenance staff can install the retrofit kits at your facility or an electrician can install for as little as $25 per fixture.

Will I really save on energy costs?

In a word, yes. Taken as a whole we save 25 percent on the cost of the operation of each fixture that is retrofitted, based on actual savings in KWH alone.

Are there any other savings?

Yes. Our biggest saving for you is in maintenance. After the retrofit kit has been installed, the fixture can be serviced by simply flipping opening the cover latch and changing a standard light bulb. Anyone in your organization can do it. With our retrofit kits, there are no ballasts, no transformers, no complex wiring harnesses, no plastic ends, and no long thin fragile tubes. All of these have been removed.

Can the people in our maintenance shop install the retrofit kit?

In many cases, the answer is “yes.” If the staff members are trained in servicing the suspended ceiling light fixtures in place and understand the rules of Lock out/Tag out, as well as simple circuit testing, this retrofit kit install will be a suitable task for them. The kits replace all of the internal parts with a simple light bar and standard CFLs . A trained maintenance worker will find the installation of the retrofit to be easier than upkeep of the original fixture in place.

Is your system flexible, as my needs may change in my facility?

Very flexible. After retrofit, the fixtures can have the illumination increased by simply buying higher output CFL lamps. As an example, a 13 watt CFL has a similar output to a 60 watt incandescent bulb, a 23 watt CFL has the output of a 100 watt incandescents.

Almost any staff person can increase or decrease the light coming from the fixture, by simply changing out the screw style bulb. In addition, the color of the lights can be easily changed by simply going to any big box store, and picking up an inexpensive lamp of the size and color desired. It is just that easy.