Fluorescent Lighting Retrofit Kits

fluorescent lighting retrofit

CFL Fluorescent Lighting Retrofit Kits For Suspended Ceiling Light Fixtures Save Energy and Reduce Maintenance

  • Our fluorescent lighting retrofit kits are housed within the light fixture in place, and reuse the entire fixture body and lens. The original suspended ceiling fixture inner parts are recycled. We add a light bar with high quality components.
  • The lighting retrofit kits can be installed in about 15 to 20 minutes, by trained installers and electricians, usually using the same electrical feeds already in place — no rewiring required.
  • The CFLs used in most lighting retrofit kits are available from hundreds of locations, in many sizes and colors, for as little as $2 each
  • Lamp life exceeds 8,000 hours and may exceed 10,000 hours in many cases. To put that in perspective, if the lamp was burned every day for 8 hours, 7 days a week year round, it would last almost 3 years without servicing.
  • After the lighting retrofit kit has been installed, if any one lamp burns out, no other lamp is affected — eliminating any “on demand” servicing. As all fixtures carry multiple lamps, light is never flickering or fully lost.
  • There are no ballasts, plastic terminal end clips, or long fragile lamps — so no ballast, end clips, or fragile lamps can fail.
  • Energy usage in the fixtures with Green Light Kits lighting retrofit kits installed save 25 percent in operational costs; sometimes even more, depending on the fixture being retrofitted.
  • More importantly, maintenance, the most expensive cost component of standard fluorescent fixtures, is reduced by 75 percent or more.
  • Many standard T12 fluorescent lamps were discontinued in 2012, making this the time to begin retrofit, and operational savings.
  • There is no need to rerun new power supplies, as the lighting retrofit kits replace only internal components in the fixture bodies. The fixture frame, power feed, diffuser, and hinged face remain in place, just as before.
  • Best of all, there is no need to refinish adjoining ceiling spaces, or any requirement to replace the suspended ceiling already in place, regardless of whether it is the 2’ by 2’ or 2’ by 4’ configuration.