Sustainability Study Highlights:
Date May 28 2012
Performed by
Sue Bruning 
Sustainability Consultant


Concept: Define comparables, marketable systems, and need for Green light Kit Products


Identify and assess competition and market:


  • Product is convenient, simple, and quick
  • T12 lamps are being phased out over the next year
  • Other retrofit kits do not use similar technology, and are not comparable, nor cost effective.
  • Competition focuses on use of T5 and T8 technology for retrofit into troffer style fixtures, or ignores these fixtures completely.
  • The only competing product that is similar in any way is exclusively for strip style lighting and is priced between $419.99 and $739.99 wholesale, per kit. (New Earth)
  • Troffer retrofits cited replace T12 lamps with T8 or T5 lamps, and do not address the maintenance cost of these lamps. They are not comparable in cost or maintenance to our system..
  • The market is large and is comprised of three segments, Residential, Commercial and Industrial.
  • Recycling of lamps can be a profit center for this project
  • There are several Government and Private programs in place to support Energy Conservation and Sustainability
  • ”Green Light Kits fluorescent lamp retrofit is an ideal product for improving the energy efficiency and achieving Green Building Certification of existing buildings” 


Quote from Ms. Bruning page 15

Green Light Kits Sustainability Study




Green Light Kits offers an innovative product with tangible benefits.  It is appealing to both commercial and consumer markets.  A number of manufacturers and distributors offer a similar product.  A key differentiator for Green Light Kits is the additional availability of a recycling kit for the old fluorescent lamps.


We are approaching the prime market opportunity as the magnetic ballasts have been phased out and next month concludes the phase-out of the T12 fluorescent lamp.  Strategic alliances with multiple organizations interested in sustainability, and energy conservation in particular, are an excellent way to increase the rate, breadth and depth of market penetration.  Third party certification further enhances the product offering by lending credibility and is often rewarded by preferred purchasing programs.


Green building, government policy to foster the growth of energy efficient products and technologies and many funding/financing opportunities are now available.  These industry trends in the US marketplace have created the ideal market conditions for the Green Light Kits fluorescent lamp retrofit kits.


Executive Summary


Green Light Kits offers a convenient, simple and quick fluorescent lamp retrofit solution.  There’s no better time for an immediate launch of this product into the market.  As of July 2012, the phase-out of T12 lamps and magnetic ballast will be complete.  Current industry trends that foster the rapid growth of energy efficient products and technologies have created the ideal market conditions for the lamp retrofit kits.  These trends include the green building movement, government policy, domestic and instate financial incentives and purchasing preferences and a multitude of financing opportunities.


This report provides market research for Green Light Kits’ fluorescent troffer lamp fixture retrofits kits for conversion of T12 straight fluorescent lamps to T8 or T5 lamps, both standard strip and troffer luminaries.  It is not a comprehensive business or marketing plan but rather, provides a unique insight into this market from a sustainability perspective which focuses on social responsibility, environmental stewardship and financial prosperity.


Based on competitive analysis, Green Light Kits can create a unique product offering combining its fluorescent lamp retrofit kit with a recycling kit for the old T12 lamps.  Additionally, third party certification from Underwriters Laboratory, domestic manufacturing and endorsements from professional associations or organizations within the electrical and environmental industries provide a unique market advantage.


There are a variety of options for supply chain market to ensure a speedy deliver to the marketplace.  Independent sales representatives and distributor agreements have shown to be a relatively quick and less expensive route to market for many manufacturers.


Green Light Kits offers an energy efficient product that may be eligible for a myriad of funding opportunities and financial incentives including tax credits, rebat4es and low-cost financing from the federal and state governments.  State energy offices and utility companies also off incentives in the way of grants and preferred purchasing programs for small business, minority-owned businesses, domestic and local manufacturing.