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Fluorescent Light Fixtures and CFL Retrofit Kits

Green Light Kits LLC’s history began with the first-of-its-kind CFL retrofit light kit for suspended ceiling fluorescent light fixtures, developed in Northern Ohio. We believe our product lines to be the most practical and economical CFL retrofit kits, to significantly reduce energy use and improve energy conservation within offices, commercial, and industrial spaces. We have spent nearly 10 years studying the energy conservation business, and developing our proprietary products, to back up that claim. Unfortunately, too many energy conservation products make promises that are not backed by consistent, or even measurable, performance. Green Light Kits are safe, consistent, and show excellent service metrics.
Our founder, Thomas Adkins, is the inventor and holds Patents  for other commercially successful products. He created fluorescent light fixtures retrofit products to meet the needs in one of his own buildings. With the cost of electrical service spiraling, and the cost of maintaining older warehouse linear and office fluorescent light fixtures climbing, new systems were mandatory.
The facility, where the R&D was done,  is a 36,000 square foot Industrial building, which became the beta test site, for the last several years. Fluorescent light fixtures in both the office and warehouse were retrofitted with new systems,and extensively tested., The retrofit kits use the original fixture bodies already in place, to reduce maintenance cost, improve energy conservation, and reduce carbon footprints.
The original CFL kits are still working flawlessly, and the product has been refined while awaiting patent approval.  Trademarks were registered, and patents have been applied for, and published by the USPTO.
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